ARPHA Proceedings 4: 339-349, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0339
On the Problem of Specialized Foreign Language Textbook for Future Teachers
expand article infoIrina I. Golovchanskaya, Svetlana V. Dudushkina, Natalia N. Mukhina
Open Access
Higher education is constantly in search of ways to respond to the requirements of modern society for preparing a qualified specialist. Competence-based approach marked the transition from a theorized to a practical content of teacher training at university, aiming to educate a specialist who possesses the necessary strategies to perform well at a workplace. Pedagogical education strives to meet the necessary requirements, develops new programs, makes changes in the educational process, controls the learning outcomes of students. The undergraduate stage is designed to train a future teacher who both knows the subject itself and the theory of teaching a foreign language. There has recently been a tendency to use an integrated approach that combines subject and didactic components. Students who enroll in the French language program usually have not studied it before, which inadvertently creates a certain overbalance of language learning, especially since methodological disciplines are introduced into the program only in the third year. There is an urgent need to strengthen their methodological training, starting from the first year of study. Such an approach can be accommodated through designing a special educational product and incorporating it into the main foreign language textbook through didactic comments on the studied language material which will contribute to the development of methodological competence. The basis of methodological awareness, formed during the initial stage of studying at university, will significantly contribute to the effectiveness of pedagogical practice and future teaching strategies.
professional identity, integrated approach, methodological commenting