ARPHA Proceedings 4: 279-297, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0279
Foreign Language Teaching Methods of Nowadays: Telegram-bot “Pardes”
expand article infoIlia L. Freidkin, Svetlana B. Ksenofontova
Open Access
Currently emerging computer programmes and training kits have contributed to foreign language studies. Domestic and foreign expertise in applying educational computer resources claims the latter introduced in the training process seek to change the role of training tools used in the process of teaching a foreign language – Hebrew, in particular. The article regards the Telegram-bot “Pardes” created by the author in September, 2019 to be launched in March, 2020 and become available to customers in April the same year. The course offers 128 academic hours of training, including 64 hours of lectures and 64 hours of self-studies. The period of 2019-2020 saw more than 1000 students using the bot. The practical relevance of the study is that the latter introduces the Hebrew training and resource kit “Pardes” based on LCMS technology in the Telegram-bot as well as checks the experimental data and recommendations on applying various educational computer programmes to boost cognitive activities of students studying Hebrew as a foreign language. Such educational computer programmes will prove relevant for teachers to select and opt for the training materials that boost cognitive development of students as well as contribute to their understanding of employing LMS и LCMS while studying foreign languages.
foreign language, Hebrew, Telegram-bot, self-study