ARPHA Proceedings 4: 264-278, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0264
Special Features of Digital RFL Textbooks
expand article infoGalina A. Dugina
Open Access
The task of selecting the appropriate digital textbook for developing verbal skills in Russian as a foreign language has recently become more vital. During the general on-line studying foreign students learning Russian expressed their concern about the fact that there was less possibility for them to speak Russian in on-line class. Those complaints were further confirmed by the results of a survey among students conducted in April 2020. There appeared an issue of choosing an appropriate digital textbook or course of study to help students in mastering monologue and dialogue skills, to boost their motivation to speak Russian (both spontaneously and purposefully) under the teacher’s guidance or without it. Basic research methods included making a systematic review of on-line resources which can meet foreign students’ educational demands, analyzing the sources; determining the criteria for selecting the appropriate electronic publications and courses. The following key words were used for the search: “Russian as a foreign language” or “RFL textbook”. The criteria for selecting digital textbooks included their consistency with the key words, themes, and the level of study; a full-text format, availability of assignments aimed at developing monologue and dialogue skills in the Russian language. The use of the abovementioned methods helped to make a list of electronic textbooks and on-line courses, to specify their peculiar features and to analyze their exercises aimed at developing speaking skills. The review of the sources given in the article as well as the analysis of their technical and educational resources will hopefully help teachers giving Russian language on-line classes to select the most appropriate variant of a textbook (or assignments in it) which will effectively accomplish the task of developing speaking skills.
an electronic textbook, Russian as a foreign language