ARPHA Proceedings 4: 254-263, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0254
Open data in open education: epistemological and didactic aspects
expand article infoAndrey A. Deryabin, Aleksandr A. Popov
Open Access
The paper suggests a critical view on various formats of didactic materials - from classical and electronic textbooks to digital educational courses. The educational value of a digital educational program is mostly determined not by its media saturation or the abundance of applied online materials, but by an elaborated didactic concept, which development can be a complicated epistemological task. Using the example of the authors’ educational program in Data Science and Machine Learning for secondary school (900 participants) employing social-economic datasets, it is showed how epistemologically complex problem-solving curriculum can be implemented. A possibility to change how working with data and information are handled so that students can reconstruct a school subject, including a design of a customizable digital resources that may replace classic textbooks is discussed.
distant learning, data literacy, epistemic thinking, school