ARPHA Proceedings 4: 241-253, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0241
The Subjects of Education in the Age of Neo-globalization
expand article infoIrina S. Danilova, Elena Ya. Orekhova, Evgenia I. Brazhnik
Open Access
The topicality of the research is determined by the need for conceptualizing neo-globalization challenges faced by edu-cational systems, namely the global transition to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The analysis of the interaction between main subjects of education – pedagogical and parenting communities – is the purpose of the paper. The research strategy is based on phenomenological and axiological approaches enabling pedagogical reflection of di-verse patterns of parent-school interaction in digital learning environment. The results of the study include the represen-tation of unique experiences in cooperation of subjects of education contributing to the development of pedagogical knowledge of modern educational concepts – distant/online learning, digital toolkit. The paper expands scientific vision of parental support oriented towards co-scolarization and organization of family leisure, mutual activities of the subjects of education, problematizes inequality in digital learning environment. The authors reveal a topical value of cooperative actions of school and parenting communities, concretizing the pedagogical essence of the competent parenting phenom-enon. It promotes the understanding of the pedagogical meaning of the interaction scenario between the subjects of education and its limits determined by possibilities and contexts. The practical significance of the results. In today’s crisis of education, the authors consider the existing experience of parent-school interaction in digital learning environ-ment to be a unique impetus for reflection about the future of education. Concrete actions proposed by the authors il-lustrate the possibility of parental engagement in mutual activities with school for responsible Coexistence of people of different generations in the age of neo-globalization.
digital learning environment; age of neo-globalization