ARPHA Proceedings 4: 228-240, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0228
A Textbook Model in a Foreign Language for Specific Purposes: Tourism Sphere
expand article infoElena I. Cherkashina
Open Access
The article deals with the recent problem of teaching a foreign language to specialists in the sphere of service and production. The demand for personnel with a professional linguistic competence has remained high on the labor market over the past decade. The teaching community is actively developing new training courses and programs in the foreign language of the specialty, an important component of which is mastering the language of the professional sphere. However, the question of creating textbooks for narrow-focused specialists (air traffic controllers, pilots, navigators, medical personnel, tourism workers) remains open, for such specialists a foreign language is a tool that allows them to carry out their professional activities. The article clarifies the content of the terms "language of specialty" and "language for specific purposes", which is reflected in the organization of courses in the language of specialty and technology of courses in language for specific purposes. The results of the experimental training have showed the effectiveness of the program "French in the field of tourism" and revealed the need to write a textbook. The author's proposed model of the textbook "French in the field of tourism" is intended for students of language universities, faculties of tourism, staff of hotels and travel agencies and includes the following components: modularity of the course, special vocabulary, a list of professional skills and communicative situations of business communication, methodological techniques that allow to form readiness for professional activity. This tutorial model can be extrapolated to other languages and training profile.
foreign language for specific purposes, linguistic professional competence