ARPHA Proceedings 4: 154-168, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0154
Terminological Variability in the Category of Educational Publications
expand article infoLiudmila A. Borbotko, Ekaterina M. Vishnevskaya
Open Access
Nowadays is witnessing new challenges related to the current state of the digital era. The phenomenon of digital consciousness that is the result of digitalization calls for the new objectives and instruments in all spheres of human activity. The latter especially concerns education. Nevertheless, new technological perspectives rely on the expertise that comes in the form of verified and approved teaching and learning tools that are books coming in a variety of types. Variability in terms of naming those manuals is linguistically due to the common processes in terminology as well as methodologically explained by the differences in the set of objectives and goals to hit with the help of this or that manual. Moreover, the diversity of manual types which implies variability of terms used to name them is regulated by such principal factors as official recognition and compliance with the curriculum. Still, various manuals that are characterized by different titles, functional and teaching potential have a structure that is strictly determined and obligatory.
term variability, teaching manuals