ARPHA Proceedings 4: 127-140, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0127
Textbook on Linguistics as a space for professional and linguistic self-determination
expand article infoEvgeniya V. Biryukova, Larisa G. Popova, Lyubov M. Shatilova, Andrey A. Kolesnikov, Lilia Ya. Dolgonovskaya
Open Access
The article surveys the comparative German and Russian languages typology textbook.The purpose of the research is to provide a reader with the information about the educational process involving the textbook. The emphasis is placed upon the abilities of the textbook to provide students with professional and linguistic self-determination.The feature of the textbook includes two new sections concerning comparative German and Russian languages typology:comparative syntax and comparative lexicology. The theoretical material of the textbook served as a basis for graduate research papers for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. It is worth mentioning the implementation of a student’s professional and linguistic self-determination with the help of the textbook. It implies that the students were able to clarify the important features of similarities and differences of morphological, syntactic and lexicological composition of the compared languages, which were used by the students during their practice at companies, industries and schools.
textbook, comparative typology, German and Russian languages