ARPHA Proceedings 4: 114-126, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0114
Innovations in Teaching Business Letter Writing at Nonlinguistic Universities: Individually Differentiated Approach
expand article infoInessa K. Betretdinova, Olga L. Kurgaeva, Shushanik Y. Kazaryan
Open Access
In the modern world the ability to perform professional interaction and conduct proper business correspondence is an integral part of successful commercial activities. The scope of knowledge necessary for efficient spoken and written communication is the basis of productive cooperation with foreign partners for specialists and experts in any field. This knowledge is to provide the increasing demand for such professionals as a current trend in the labour market. In this light, teaching business letter writing as a product of foreign language learning to students at nonlinguistic universities proves to be of vital importance. The present article is aimed at presenting and proving the effectiveness of the developed methodology of product-oriented teaching business letter writing in the foreign (English) language to students at nonlinguistic universities. The article reveals the examples of particular practical tasks for students. The study methods include a learner survey, the analysis of students’ written works, the relevant educational and methodology literature review, the pedagogical experiment, the analysis and statistical processing of the obtained data, interpretation of the research results. In consequence of the conducted research, the authors studied and estimated the students’ written works which were done as part of product-oriented teaching business letter writing on the basis of individually differentiated approach. Thus, the obtained data proved the effectiveness of the developed methodology. The practical significance of the research results lies in the opportunity of increasing productivity of foreign language professional education at a nonlinguistic university.
business communication; individually differentiated approach; product-oriented approach