ARPHA Proceedings 4: 87-98, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0087
French Textbook as a Means of Family Education
expand article infoLyubov V. Bannikova, Viktoriya I. Morozova
Open Access
The paper focuses on the educational potential of a foreign language textbook within elementary general education, its resource for elementary pupils’ family education is identified and discussed. The linguistic constituent of contemporary Russian elementary school French language textbooks as well as the issues of visual support perception as a tool of presenting educational material and a source of educational impact on a child are taken into account. Key research methods applied in the study are pedagogical, psychological and methodological academic papers analysis, synthesis, generalization, modeling and experiment. The authors provide compelling evidence on the specifics of family image representation in the foreign language textbook in the framework of modern society norms and values system. The paper also looks into the balance between national, individual and universal family values being embraced by the pupils during the foreign language education. The practical significance of the results the study provides stands for the recommendations to the educational component of the foreign language textbook renewal: accumulation and enhancing the forms and means of family education. All these forms are seen as a unity of content and visualizing of a positive family image and absolute value of family traditions on the pages of a textbook.
the French language textbook, family image, family education