ARPHA Proceedings 4: 14-23, doi: 10.3897/ap.e4.e0014
Developing Identity Awareness in the Primary School Textbooks “Dialogue with English”
expand article infoOlga V. Afanasieva, Kseniia M. Baranova, Olga G. Chupryna
Open Access
Modern methodology has faced challenges in the field of developing primary school students’ awareness of their own identity in the process of learning foreign languages. Globalization has put forward the question how to advance intercultural competence among both school students and educators. Cultural and national awareness is an essential component of foreign language teaching. The article is aimed at revealing the peculiarities of intercultural communication hinged on the interaction of various cultures tracked down in modern foreign language classes. The analysis is based on the new textbooks “Dialogue with English” for 2-4 year schoolchildren. The research focuses on the ways cultural elements and facts of the English-speaking world are compared with the same features in the Russian-speaking community. As a result, it elicits different stages in the pupils’ identity formation and development of their sociocultural competence. The authors specify the prerequisites for digital technologies use in teaching English to primary school students.
sociocultural competence, dialogue, identity, awareness, school