ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2847-2854, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2847
Research of Problems of Teaching Russian and English to Bilingual Students
expand article infoZulfiya F. Yusupova
Open Access
The relevance of this research is due to the fact that the modern system of Russian teacher education sets the task of training competent and professionally trained teachers, including teachers of Russian and English languages. In this regard, this article is aimed at investigating the difficulties of teaching bilingual students two languages simultaneously: Russian and English in the framework of the training profile: Teacher education with two training profiles: Russian language and foreign (English) language, development of methodological recommendations for overcoming difficulties encountered by students of a methodological, linguistic, psychological nature.The leading method in the study of this problem was a questionnaire method conducted among 200 students, which allowed us to identify the difficulties experienced by 1st and 2nd year students studying in the direction of “Pedagogical education with two training profiles”.The article identifies and describes the difficulties of linguistic, methodological, and psychological nature, justifies the need to develop a modern method of teaching two languages simultaneously to bilingual students, and develops methodological recommendations that will help students adapt to the higher education system in general, and language training in particular.The materials presented in the article allow us to assert that it is practical to take into account the specifics of the students’ native language, the specifics of the studied languages - Russian and English. The methodological system developed by us contributes to more successful language acquisition within the framework of specialized training.
professional education, bilingual students, Russian, English, language training, methodological system