ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2833-2846, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2833
Social Partnership as a Factor in Increasing the International Competitiveness of Pedagogical Universities
expand article infoNadia G. Yusupova, Galina N. Skudareva
Open Access
The relevance of the research stems from the fact that the subject of public and professional discussions is indicated by the competitiveness of pedagogical universities, searching for new solutions and opportunities of social partnership based on international experience, using the methods of context, dynamic and theoretical analysis. The theoretical background of this problem made it possible to formulate the concepts of “competitiveness” and “social partnership”, as a system of civilized social relations, highlighting universal joint activities of social subjects to achieve overlapping interests, based on the principles of democracy, publicity, openness, respect for the rights and freedoms of all parties of the international social interaction. The article reveals the processes of the international social partnership of a regional university with its foreign partners. It determines the commitment to achieving the goals and solving problems associated with the formulation of international priorities, increasing the university international reputation, the confidence of foreign social partners, ensuring international effects. Successful international educational partnership and practice, implemented by GGTU, presents the project " Spanish educational content .'' It included two significant events: "Educational tour to universities of Spain" and organization of the international Russian-Spanish Forum "Education without Borders: science, experience, technology."The practical significance of this study is aimed at enhancing GGTU quality of pedagogical education and increasing international competitiveness of a regional pedagogical University, and the development of professional skills of teachers, the intensification of international sociocultural partnership and communication of scientists and practitioners in the world.
social partnership, international competitiveness, university competitiveness, pedagogical university, education, society