ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2757-2769, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2757
The Ways of Using the Resources of the Digital Educational Environment in Preparing a Primary School Teacher at a University
expand article infoElena V. Yakovleva, Natalya V. Goltcova
Open Access
The importance of the study rises from the need to change training of future primary school teachers at the university in connection with updating the content, changing methods, forms and means of training in the conditions of digitalization of education and the development of the digital educational environment. This article aims at identifying the opportunities and problems of using resources of digital educational environment of the university while training primary school teachers. The research methods applied are analysis of scientific publications on the problem of digitalization of education; questionnaires of students-future primary school teachers and in-service primary school teachers; comparative research methods.The experiment involved 88 full-time university students studying the course 44.03.01 Pedagogical education (primary education) and 22 of primary school teachers in Cherepovets. The article underlines that currently, the priority is given to mixed learning which involves combining learning in the classroom and electronic interaction between the teacher and the student. The results of the study show that the process of digitalization in education is contradictory and ambiguous from the resource and methodological points of view. The teaching community, parents and employers point at the risks of reducing the quality of education in the digital environment. Positive effects of using the resources of the digital educational environment appear if the student is motivated to study, has the ability to self-education, and is able to differentiate digital resources.
digitalization in education, digital educational environment, digital educational resources, digital technologies, digital literacy