ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2745-2756, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2745
The Opinion of the Russian Teachers on the Use of Information Technology in Teaching
expand article infoEduard G. Volchkov
Open Access
Teachers' opinions on information and communications technology (ICT) utilization in teaching determine the acceptance and promotion of information technologies in schools. Many aspects of the study of teachers' attitudes toward and evaluation of ICT have been studied worldwide. For Russia, the study of teachers' opinions is important due to the existing gap between good provisions of schools with computers and the weak introduction of ICT in teachers' practices. The question arises: Why are Russian teachers not active in utilization of ICT? In the proposed paper we studied the attitudes of Russian teachers to ICT in relation to various profiles: qualification level, residence location (city, village), duration of professional occupation and the subject being taught. A special survey was created for the purpose of studying the opinions of Russian teachers in the use of ICT in education. We found an important result, which indicates that the volume of ICT use is different depending on the subject, and we also found that the use of ICT resources by the Russian teachers is quite insignificant. Finally, it was discovered that teachers are in dire need of specialized training in acquiring competence in working with ICT.
information and communication technologies (ICT), Russian teachers, opinion, evaluation, profile, competence