ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2695-2713, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2695
The Bases for Projecting Individual Educational Trajectories of Future Teachers
expand article infoVeronika B. Veretennikova, Elvira Sh. Urazova, Olga F. Shikhova
Open Access
The implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education 3 ++ requires devising individual curricula for students with regard not only to the demands of the federal and regional labor markets, as well as of the academic community, but also to the educational needs and interests of students themselves. In our opinion, at a time of shortage of teaching staff, including the system of preschool education, the devising of individual curricula and related to their implementation individual educational trajectories of students will increase motivation for learning that provides them with the opportunity to purposefully choose an individual path of development and self-improvement.The aim of the given paper is to present the bases for projecting individual educational trajectories of future teachers of preschool organizations, consideration of which will create the most favorable conditions for motivation, self-management and self-development of students; will determine effective methods and technologies of their education by individual educational trajectories. The methodological framework for determining the bases for projecting future preschool teachers’ individual educational trajectories includes systematic and competency-based approaches. The key method of the research is the general scientific method of analysis of scientific pedagogical literature and regulatory documents in the field of higher and preschool education. To conduct pedagogical expertise of the bases for projecting individual educational trajectories, the method of group expert assessment is used. The presented bases for the projecting of future teachers’ individual educational trajectories comprise the consistency of the requirements of basic regulatory documents in the field of preschool education and provide a more comprehensive approach to the selection and contents of elective modules, as well as increase students’ motivation for learning and self-improvement in the professional field. The research materials can be useful for university administration and teachers while creating individual educational trajectories for bachelors who are professionally oriented on teaching in preschool establishments.
federal state educational standard of higher education, individual curriculum, individual educational trajectory, professional standard, preschool teacher, professional pedagogical competence