ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2621-2631, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2621
The Structure of the Innovative Potential of the Actor of Educational Activity
expand article infoPavel N. Ustin, Irina M. Puchkova, Leonid M. Popov
Open Access
The purpose of this study is to determine the structure of the innovative potential among students as active participants of educational process to improve the possibility of their development during their learning in high school. This study is one of the steps towards forming an idea of the innovative potential of a generalized participant of higher education. The theoretical and methodological basis for the study of the innovative potential of the individual includes: the acmeological approach to constructing a model of innovative activity; the analysis of ideas about the person as an active participant of its life; the system-dynamic approach to the analysis of the individual. The method of theoretical analysis of literary sources is used as the leading method. Based on the theoretical analysis of various approaches, the need to clarify the structure of the innovative potential of the actor of educational activity for the further development of technologies for its actualization and development is justified. The structure of the theoretical model of the innovative potential of the actor of educational activity is proposed. The following levels of this model are substantiated and meaningfully disclosed: typological, personal, motivational, and creative.The materials presented in this study allow to evaluate the possibilities and ways of studying the innovative potential of the personality in its educational activity, and can be used for conducting an empirical study.This study presents the features of the structure of innovative potential of students through the integration of acmeological and system-dynamic approaches to the analysis of their educational activity.
personality, innovative potential, structure, educational space, educational activity