ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2581-2593, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2581
Evaluating Effectiveness of Mathematical Training of Students within Electronic Educational Environment
expand article infoVera I. Toktarova, Svetlana N. Fedorova, Olga A. Kalimullina, Zarina C. Takuova
Open Access
The problem of training students of higher educational institutions who are able to use effectively mathematical methods in their professional activities is now more relevant than ever. According to the Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education, one of the characteristics of qualified graduates is their ability to competently solve professional problems in accordance with the major and level of training, which suggests a qualitative change in the arrangement of training in all its types and forms, including in the conditions of electronic educational environment (EEE). Based on the above mentioned, the aim of the study is to describe and justify the mechanism which comprehensively examines and evaluates the effectiveness of mathematical training of students within EEE. The development of an approach to the algorithm for evaluating the effectiveness of mathematical training was carried out using methods of mathematical statistics and integrated data analysis. To implement a comprehensive examination and evaluation of the effectiveness of mathematical training of students in the conditions of electronic educational environment of higher educational institutions, the authors developed a diagnostic toolkit which is a software product based on the method of hierarchy analysis involving groups of criteria and indicators (regulatory and organizational, psychological and pedagogical, software and hardware, communication and personnel). The results of the study can be used in the development of electronic didactic materials to examine the quality of the learning process within EEE.
evaluation of effectiveness, quality of training, mathematical training, e-learning, electronic educational environment, FSES HE (Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education), student, higher educational institution