ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2571-2580, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2571
Media Content as a Tool for the Development of the Reflexivity of a Future Teacher in Special and Inclusive Education
expand article infoNadia Sh. Tjurina
Open Access
The relevance of the study of this problem is determined by both the institutionalization of the idea of inclusive education and the unpreparedness of the professional community to work in new conditions where children with different psychophysical and social-emotional development levels study together with ordinary peers. Such a situation sets special requirements for the level of professional competence of teachers. Studies have offered the concept of inclusive competence of the teacher. This concept includes contextual (motivational, cognitive, reflexive) and key operational competencies of a future teacher in the field of special and inclusive education. The ability of a special educator in pedagogical reflection will contribute to the individualization of correctional and pedagogical activities and the optimization of communication with subjects of professional activity. This article, therefore, is focused on the study of such a psychological phenomenon affecting future special teachers, along with exploring the possibilities of using fiction media content as a tool for developing pedagogical reflexivity. The leading method in the study of this problem is the survey method conducted among 63 students of the "Special (defectological) education" discipline, which helped to identify the prevalence of the formation of pedagogical reflection among 53% of participants at a medium or low level (32%). The article explains the concept of inclusive competence of a teacher in terms of its significant component - reflexivity; also, the reasoning behind the inclusion of this phenomenon in its structure is provided, and art media content is suggested to be considered as the tool for pedagogical reflexivity formation. The author proposes to discuss a potential concept of media education for educators of the system of special and inclusive education. The materials provided in the article allow adjusting the content and methods of personnel training for the system of special and inclusive education following the Paris program of media education and recent studies in this field.
reflection, special teacher, inclusive education, media content.