ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2513-2521, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2513
Virtual Museum Technologies and the Modern Educational Process
expand article infoTatyana N. Taranova
Open Access
In modern conditions, education acquires democratic forms of openness and integration with various cultural institutions. The interaction of educational institutions and cultural centers acquires the features of a systematic and structured process. However, the emerging new forms of culture, which should include virtual museums, are not used to the full extent. In this regard, the purpose of this article is to reveal the cultural and educational potential of the virtual form of the museum as a modern technology for teaching and educating younger students. The leading research methods were: theoretical analysis of scientific sources, generalization of historical experience, as well as empirical testing methods and generalization of experimental results. The article presents the historical retrospective of the development of museums as cultural, educational and educational centers in their relationship with educational institutions. The article attaches special importance to virtual museums as the most accessible and educational potential form of culture, and also substantiates the position that virtual museums can be represented as a pedagogical technology. The article presents the results of experimental work on the development of creative activity of younger students by means of a virtual museum. The obtained data confirmed the growth in the number of primary school children with high and medium levels of creative activity, which proves the high efficiency of using Museum technology in the form of a virtual Museum in the development of the creative potential of the student's personality. The theoretical and empirical materials presented in the article indicate the need to improve the training of primary school teachers in mastering Museum pedagogy, which contains the potential for the development of students, including by means of a virtual museum.
open educational space, virtual museum, educational integration