ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2387-2396, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2387
Communication Problems: Advantages and Disadvantages of Teaching Autistic Children with Humanoid Robots
expand article infoNatalya A. Sigacheva, Alfiya R. Baranova, Khanif F. Makaev
Open Access
The relevance of the investigated problem is caused by the need of society education to be focused on a humanitarian approach to provide education not only to healthy children but also to patients with autism. This article is focused on the search for educational tools using robotic technologies for teaching children with autism a foreign language. The methods used in this article are based on a comparative analysis of two approaches, such as the traditional method of teaching English and using robotic systems. The article reveals that traditional system of education, organization of the educational process, is not suitable for increasing the number of children with autism. The main result of the research is the developed criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of strategies for teaching children with autism a foreign language which is based on the analysis of the effectiveness of existing educational tools. Recommendations are developed. Materials of the article can be useful for researchers in this field, teachers dealing with autistic children for enrichment foreign language teaching methodology and pedagogy.
English language teaching, communication, autistic children, social robotics, humanoid educational robots