ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2315-2331, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2315
On the Creation of an International Terminological Database and Terminology of Materials Science and Chemistry in the Context of the Training of Chemistry Teachers
expand article infoPavel B. Shibaev, Engel R. Galimov, El mira F. Sharafutdinova, Ramilya S. Shajhetdinova
Open Access
The relevance of the study of this problem is due to the fact that the accuracy of concepts has always played an important role in cognition. The study of chemistry and materials science, like any other science and / or academic discipline, also needs to start with its terminology. In this regard, this article is aimed at studying the metalanguage of chemical disciplines and materials science in the context of bilingual training of chemistry teachers and materials scientists in the era of globalization, revealing the causes of problems and ways to solve them.The leading methods in the study of this problem are theoretical methods, analysis and synthesis of the subject of research based on the study of literature on psycholinguistics, linguistics, pedagogy and chemical disciplines, linguistic text analysis, content analysis. As empirical methods used "linguistic experiment", observation, measurement and comparison.The article revealed that at present a great deal of attention is paid to terminological activity, both theoretically and in practical terms, but there are no terminological databases on materials science containing a unified, structured and internationally approved terminology system for metalanguage of materials science.The materials presented in the article allow us to propose an approach for the development of terminological databases of metalanguages of chemistry and materials science.
metalanguage, terminological system, terminological database, chemistry, materials science, globalization