ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2287-2301, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2287
Giftedness as a Source of Communication Difficulties in a Group of Peers
expand article infoOlga S. Shcherbinina, Irina N. Grushetskaya, Zhanna A. Zaharova, Anna G. Samohvalova
Open Access
In modern educational conditions, the organization of work with gifted children is of particular importance. We have been studying the peculiarities of social-pedagogical work with gifted children in educational organizations of various types since 2018. The empirical study was conducted via interviewing of teachers of educational organizations in Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Galich, Kursk, and the Sirius educational center (n=225).The results demonstrate that the work with gifted children is focused on the development of special abilities, while the sphere of their social development and communication remains neglected. Therefore, we see visually successful children who may suffer from the inability to present themselves, while being burdened with a lack of meaning in life, and complex relationships with the micro-society.In this regard, the aim of the article is to identify and characterize communicative difficulties of gifted children in a group of peers.The empirical data compiling is carried out by means of the polling method, testing, and interviewing gifted children (Kostroma, the Sirius center, Sochi) (n=223), which enables to identify the most striking problems of social development of gifted children where communication problems occupy the leading place.The article reveals the communicative peculiarities and difficulties of gifted children with peers and adults based on the diagnostic data.The results presented in the article enable to formulate some specific features of socio-pedagogical work with gifted children to overcome their communication problems. These features are taken into account when developing and implementing the program called "Self -development is the key to success".
giftedness, gifted child, socialization, communication