ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2239-2246, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2239
Laboratory Pedagogical Workshop in Military Education as a Factor in Developing
expand article infoRaisa K. Serezhnikova, Arthur Yu. Margaryan
Open Access
Currently, in accordance with the implementation of federal state educational standards of higher education, it isnecessary to train a military specialist who not only develops the necessary knowledge base for the implementationof professional activities, but also has the ability to quickly replenish and update knowledge, process an increasingflow of information. In this regard, the actualization of the developing capabilities of the organization of self-education of cadets in the process of teaching pedagogy is of particular importance.The aim of the article is to develop a technology for organizing self-education of cadets in the process of teachingpedagogy in the integration of intersubject connections with professional discipline as a complex of didacticconditions, providing not only the development of already manifested abilities and personal growth of students, butalso the development of the methodological readiness of cadets for organizing self-education in higher militaryeducation.Research methods: analysis of the theory, design of a laboratory workshop on pedagogy in the integration ofintersubject communications.The research results are presented by the developed program of a laboratory workshop on pedagogy, the substantiveand methodological support of which promotes the ability to motivate, consciously and independently realizepreviously acquired professionally significant knowledge and skills of targeted action of activating self-cognitiveactivity, both in familiar and in altered conditions (quasi-professional), manifested in the methodological readinessof the course nt to the organization of self-education on the basis of the development of their individual strategy ofself-cognitive activity.
military higher education, readiness for self-education, individual strategy of self-cognitive activity, cadet, laboratory workshop on pedagogy, developing the capabilities of pedagogy