ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2199-2211, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2199
The Development of Teacher Competencies in the Preparation of a Lecture and Seminar Course in Geography
expand article infoGalina S. Samigullina, Kulash N. Mamirova, Renat I. Gaisin
Open Access
In world education, there is a tendency towards an activity approach. Attention is paid to active forms of learning. The problem of the role and purpose of the modern lecture, its specificity, and the competencies of the modern teacher in the context of the implementation of the activity approach is being actualized.The main theoretical and methodological questions on the lecture-seminar system were developed in the scientific literature. Considering the activity paradigm of education, future teachers do not have a good enough way of life, including the manifestation of various deviations. The latter has not yet been sufficiently studied in modern research.The purpose of this study is the formation of constructive and organizational-activity competencies of the future teacher in the design of lecture and seminar classes in geography. The main research methods are systemic and situational analysis, graphoanalytical method of mental and temporary mismatch of seminar lessons. The experiment was attended by the second- year masters of Kazan Federal University.The use of the graphoanalytical method of testing masters allowed us to bring future teachers to an operational and productive understanding of the lessons of lecture and seminar lessons on the example of geography.
lecture class, learning density of a class, types of memory, active attention, tempo-rhythmical pattern of a class, rhetoric, reversion