ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2173-2184, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2173
Predictive Сompetence Formation Strategies of Students Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Pedagogy
expand article infoNadezhda A. Sayfullina
Open Access
The current research becomes relevant due to the transition of higher education in the Russian Federation to a two-level system and country’s integration into the world educational space. Training of master’s student teachers is carried out in all federal and regional universities regardless of the status (public or private). The ability to predict is a necessary skill for professional stability and perspective, as well as for prognostic orientation in the education system ensuring its qualitative organization and effectiveness. This article aims to reveal the main approaches to study the prognostic competence formation. The main approach to study master’s student teachers’ prognostic skills is the analysis and systematization of modern local research. The article reveals effective methods and means of forming master’s student teachers’ prognostic skills and proposes two ways to consider this problem. The methods of improving future teachers’ training have been justified. Training can be improved with the help of integrated pedagogical support for the prognostic competence formation. The main goal is to attract future teachers to research activities. The materials presented in the article can be used by the teachers of higher educational institutions.
a master’s degree in pedagogy, university education, forecasting, prognostic competence