ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2135-2150, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2135
The Modern Generation of Teachers in the Context of the Educational Organization Life Cycle
expand article infoElvira A. Sadretdinova, Almira M. Garifullina
Open Access
Every day new organizations are established. At the same time, every day hundreds of organizations are liquidated forever. Those who know how to adapt are likely to thrive, but the inflexible ones tend to disappear. Some organizations develop faster than others and fulfill their aims better than others. The manager should know at what stage of development the organization is and be able to assess whether the accepted leadership style corresponds to this stage.That is why there has been accepted the universally known concept of the life cycle of organizations as predictable changes with a certain sequence of states over time. The theoretical basis was the results of research by Russian and international scientists in the field of systems theory, corporate management, organization’s life cycle theories and crisis management. Research into the development of the human body performed by Vygotsky and it is also mentioned in the current research. The aim of our study is to put into practice the approaches proposed in modern management to make the preschool organization efficient and effective. The results show that a mutually complementary team will provide the result if the members adhere to different approaches and the tasks of each member are clearly defined.
change management concept, management, effectiveness, organization efficiency, leader-manager, organization life cycle theory