ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2057-2065, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2057
Influence of Art Pedagogics on Adolescents with Deviant Behavior and Children with Disabilities
expand article infoMaria V. Redko, Natalia I. Semyonova, Raisa P. Ivanova
Open Access
The need for social interaction between children with disabilities and their peers, which indicates the degree of educational inclusion in schools, fostered this research. There is an insufficiently developed methodological framework for organizing interpersonal relations in the field of inclusive education. This research aims to develop the methodology based on art pedagogics used to involve adolescents with deviant behavior to work with children with disabilities. The leading method in the study of the research problem is the method of natural pedagogical experiment. The experiment was conducted on the basis of Mirny School No.7 among students from grades 2-4 and 7-9. The results of the experiment helped to create the methodological guide for adolescences to work with children with disabilities, establish "ArtStudio" on the basis of Mirny School No.7. Also, there were positive changes in personality and character of adolescents with behavioral problems and improvement of social adaptation of children with disabilities. The authors developed the technology that facilitates the introduction of art pedagogics into the educational environment which is unique for psychological and pedagogical support of children. The experience of attracting teenagers with deviant behavior to work with children with disabilities in Mirny School No.7 might help other schools to create similar environment to promote inclusive education.
art pedagogics, adolescents, deviant behavior, art studio, children with disabilities