ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2049-2055, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2049
Modern Educational Technologies as Effective Means of Psychological and Pedagogical Training of Military-Technical University Adjuncts as Teachers and Researchers
expand article infoTatyana S. Prosvetova
Open Access
The relevance of the problem discussed in this article is determined by the existing contradiction between the humanistic orientation of the competent educational paradigm, which determines the personal-oriented organization of the educational process of the military-technical university and the dominance of the technocratic approach, due to its closed nature of military education as well as its profile orientation of the military-technical university. On this basis, this article identifies the place and role of modern educational technologies in the development of personal and professional reflection of military-technical university adjuncts in the process of their psycho-pedagogical training as teachers-researchers. The leading method was the method of studying and summarizing the author’s pedagogical experience. The article justifies the essential and phenomenological orientation of the self-development technology of the person, dialogue and interactive technologies in the process of teaching psycho-pedagogical disciplines in the educational practice of adjuncts. The essential focus, in general, is characterized by the development of personal and professional reflection of adjuncts of the military-technical university as a mechanism of their self-development, self-education, self-realization, both in the educational process, and in research, service and social activities. Phenomenological focus is reflected by specific psycho-pedagogical disciplines («Psychology and pedagogy of higher school», «Methodology and techniques of vocational-oriented teaching») along with the implementation of dedicated technologies.
self-development technology, dialog technology, interactive technology, psychological and pedagogical training of adjuncts as research teachers, reflection, personal and professional development