ARPHA Proceedings 3: 2017-2031, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e2017
Teacher’s Readiness to Create Own Online Courses
expand article infoLyudmila V. Popova, Marina M. Pikulenko
Open Access
Rapid development of information educational technologies requires special teacher’s training for possibility to create their own online courses. In particular, it is necessary to understand what do teachers need first of all? How may be solved the problem of formation of the key university teachers competencies?The purpose of this study is to identify the key elements of teachers' readiness to create their online courses and to study the formation of special teachers competences to develop their own online courses.Our study was conducted on the basis of an online course for professional development of university teachers "Pedagogical support of online education". The methods of the study were: online questionnaires, analysis of the creative works of teachers (developed tests and recorded videos) and oral attestation. We analyzed objectives of teacher’s training, the formation of key competencies and relevance of the online course topics. We found out two main reasons to join in our course by the university teachers: recommendations of their leadership (37%) and their own initiative, interest to study subject (29%). 252 people have fully completed all the required tasks and completed their training with a certificate of professional development. 60% of the teachers participating were on such online training the first time. In general, university teachers have been able to demonstrate the necessary theoretical knowledge (64%) and have done the first steps of their application during the preparation for the attestation on our program. They were very good at the writing of the methodical materials, but had not yet mastered recording of the videos. This research confirms the necessity of special training for university teachers for the high-quality creation online courses and allows the online courses authors to find new points of the changing their programs toward the more actual level.
teacher’s training, online course, e-learning