ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1983-1998, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1983
The Psychological and Pedagogical Management of Individual Learning Trajectories in the Era of Digitalization
expand article infoIrina N. Pogozhina, Margarita S. Aslanova, Margarita B. Agasaryan
Open Access
Relevance of the problem is the necessity of the organization of psycho-pedagogical management for students and the transition to individual learning paths (ILP) is associated with the increasing role of digital knowledge, the adoption of the concept of Lifelong Learning. The information-educational space performs educational, socio-practical and educational-reflective functions. The purpose of the study: the choice of the optimal method for management of forming the students’ ILP in the era of knowledge digitalization is based on a comparative analysis of popular approaches to management of forming the learning process.Leading research method is theoretical critical analysis and synthesis of domestic and foreign literature. Results. Three approaches to the management of educational activities were chosen for analysis: tutoring, supervision, coaching. The key aspects in the structure of each approach are identified: the object, the result of the impact, the transformation process, the means of transformation. The results of the comparison revealed features of approaches on the implementation of the functions of the educational space, the process and means of transformation and formal and substantive restrictions.Conclusions. Practical significance of the study based on introducing academic tutoring as a professional mentoring. The implementation of ILP and personality development in the modern educational space is the most optimal and acts as an element of innovative learning.Recommendations. We have proposed the organization of tutorial psycho-pedagogical management based on a generalized indicative basis of activity based on the activity theory of learning.
training, mentoring, tutoring, individual learning trajectories, lifelong learning, distance learning