ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1959-1968, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1959
Preparation of a Multicultural Teacher at a University
expand article infoSvetlana A. Pavlova
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The article is devoted to the urgent problem of modern education and upbringing of a multicultural teacher. The purpose of this article is to identify the ways and mechanisms of preparing a multicultural teacher in a university environment. The article discusses issues related to the understanding of multiculturalism, multiculturalism, means and mechanisms of its implementation in a multipolar educational environment.Particular problems arise when preparing a teacher for activities in a multi-ethnic and multicultural environment. Obviously, appropriate adjustments should be made to teacher education programs. We are talking about changes in theoretical training (knowledge of the principles, specifics, tasks of multicultural education), as well as the mastery of certain methods of such education. In multi-ethnic educational institutions, teachers who speak at least two languages - Russian and the language of one or another minority should work.Unfortunately, in modern pedagogy there are no clearly oriented goals of multicultural education, the ways to achieve which and the results obtained could be unambiguously and objectively diagnosed. The wider and more significant the goals of multicultural education, the more difficult they are applicable in practice. The target setting when creating educational, multicultural technologies will take the form of the expected result only when they are specific, personality-oriented and reflect the patterns of the educational process to the maximum.According to the rules, multicultural education strategy is built is a means of realizing respect for the pupil, while they are implemented in special forms that determine the conditions that ensure the effectiveness of the technology requirements. The higher the exactingness to a person, the more respect for him or her.The success of multicultural education depends on the nature of the student’s inclusion in various activities, as well as on the form, method, and means of instruction.The effectiveness of the implementation of multicultural, educational technologies will largely depend on the pedagogical conditions in which they are implemented. Such pedagogical conditions include - erudition, multiculturalism, originality of the personality of the teacher, his ethical culture, interests, hobbies, etc.; tolerant attitude towards pupils, expressed in pedagogical tact, optimism; deep knowledge of the laws of the multicultural educational process and child psychology, knowledge of diagnostic methods, etc.Today's teacher should be aimed at the adoption of multiculturalism and humanization of the entire educational process, at creating a system of interaction with students in any multicultural environment. It is also necessary to take into account the characteristics of the student’s personality, ethnicity, mentality, national culture, psychological, gender and other characteristics of the student.This article will be interesting to teachers of universities and educational institutions, specialists in the field of multicultural education.
multicultural education, the concept of multicultural education, methods, forms of multicultural education, multicultural teacher