ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1947-1957, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1947
Psychologists' Information Culture Development during Professional Training at a University
expand article infoElla G. Patrikeeva, Tatyana V. Kalinina, Vyacheslav B. Trukhmanov, Yelena N. Trukhmanova
Open Access
The relevance of information culture development among psychologists is due to the increasing requirements for future specialists in the process of mastering professional activities. Modern society is constantly putting forward new requirements for University graduates in terms of competitiveness as well as social, professional and personal competence. The problem of informatization and digitalization of the education system arouses active interest from the part of the state; the World Wide Web has become the basis for network technologies and expanded the possibilities concerning mass access to information making them almost limitless. Informatization and digitalization of modern education system not only arouses active interest from the part of the state, but in the context of a global pandemic, a becomes essential for remote interaction with students and professional training in the context of distance learning. The Internet, being the basis of network technologies, makes it possible to expand the scope of mass access to information, and the means and methods of working with the information space are being actively developed. Informatization of the education system creates opportunities for a timely and flexible response to changes in the social educational order. Working in the information space of an educational institution under a qualified teacher's control makes it possible to shape the student's information culture meaningfully and purpusefully. The developed information culture acts as a powerful personal and psychologivally prophylactic resource in practical professional activity, contributing to its further professional development and preventing emotional burnout.
informatization, digitalization, higher education, student, information space, information culture.