ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1925-1934, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1925
Prevention of Deviant Behavior of Children by Means of Socio-Cultural Activities
expand article infoGalina V. Palatkina, Natalia O. Dubchenkova, Alexei A. Podlipalin
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Prevention of deviant behavior of children is to monitor risk factors that can have a negative impact on the child. Above all, family control is necessary because it is in the family that values, behavioral stereotypes are laid, the emotional sphere of the child is formed. Scientists of various sciences repeatedly turn to the problem of deviant behavior, but so far there is no single approach to its definition. Deviant behavior is interpreted as antisocial behavior, as behavior violating any social, cultural, ethical or legal norms as behavior deviating from mental health norms, i.e. overt or covert psychopathology.The aim of the study is a theoretical study of the methodology and the development of recommendations for their use in pedagogical activities for the prevention of deviant behavior of children by means of socio-cultural activities.The study is based on theoretical analysis of philosophical, psychological, sociological, pedagogical, cultural, reference literature. The research methodology used is the survey of children, teachers, and organizers of leisure activities. The stating, formative and control experiments were performed to develop the recommendations. The authors also designed socio-cultural programs, introducing spiritual and moral values through theatrical programs.Developed theatrical programs for the prevention of deviant behavior of children showed an increase in children's interest in positive communication, the desire to engage in creativity in their free time, and to study literature. This confirms that the prevention of deviant behavior of children is effective when using socio-cultural means. The study proves that social and cultural activities can solve the problem of prevention of children's deviant behavior consequently develop children’s moral values and spiritual preferences due to various ways and methods of influence on the personality.
prevention, socio-cultural activity, behavior, personality, creative process, spiritual and moral education