ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1911-1923, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1911
Implementation of the Model of Noosphere-Aesthetic Education of Primary School Students by Means of Regional Culture
expand article infoAlexandra Zh. Ovchinnikova, Valentina V. Abramova, Tatiana A. Solovyeva, Irina M. Vitkovskaya
Open Access
The relevance of the problem of noosphere-aesthetic education of primary school students is due to the need for their entry into noosphere-cultural space of the region which affects the formation of humanistic attitude of students to all life on the earth, their native nature and culture; insufficient theoretical and practical development of the model for the implementation of this phenomenon.The purpose of the article is theoretical substantiation, development and implementation of the model of noosphere-aesthetic education of primary school students by means of regional culture.The leading method of research is modeling which allows to create and implement an integral system of noosphere-aesthetic education of primary school students by means of regional culture.On the basis of cultural and environmental approaches we have defined the content of the concepts "noosphere-aesthetic education of primary school students", “regional culture" and proved the effectiveness of the model for implementing this approach. In this article from the standpoint of cultural and environmental approaches the concept of "noosphere-aesthetic education of primary school students" is clarified, the effectiveness of the implementation model of this phenomenon by means of regional culture is proved, prospects of using its building blocks: target, structural, diagnostic, technological and effective in the education system are substantiated.The results of the research presented in the article and statistical processing of experimental data using R.Fisher's angular coefficient of transformation proved the effectiveness of proposed model in educational process.Practical significance of the study is that diagnostic techniques, program, process unit of the model presented in the article contribute to more efficient noosphere education of primary school students and can be used by teachers of higher school, primary school teachers and educators in their activities.
noosphere-aesthetic education, a primary school student, regional culture, model, criteria, levels.