ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1883-1895, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1883
The Role of Democratization in the School Management: Experience of High School No.6 in Baku
expand article infoGulshan Y. Orujova
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There are a number of principles that are used to effectively organize intra-school management. In the school management process, these principles must be followed consistently and positively. In this article, democratization is viewed as a principle and not a tool and process, but a principle that applies to all functions and functions of management. In the example of high school No.6 in Baku city reveals the impact of the transition from "director-employee" stage to co-worker. It is justified that in the process of co-operation the democratic leadership style is established, scientific and cognitive and methodological development of the teacher is provided, and the level of professionalism is increased. The style of democratic leadership is based on the principles of mutual respect, humanism, equality and justice. The way to democratize the school is to modernize the organizational structure of intra-school management.
school, management, director, competence, democratization.