ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1849-1860, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1849
Peculiarities of Gamification in Foreign Language Teaching in the Context of Digitalization of Education
expand article infoGuzel R. Nurieva
Open Access
The focus of the present study is the concept of gamification in educational process. The relevance of the problem at issue in the article is due to a tendency to the digitalization of education and the lack of empirical research on the implementation gamification in foreign language teaching.The goal of this study was to confirm that foreign language teaching with the use of gamification technology is more effective than traditional ways of teaching and teaching with the use of classical gaming technologies.This article examines the findings of a theoretical analysis of scientific literature on the concept of gamification, its elements and players’ types. The paper describes the difference between gamification and such concepts as play, game, simulation, serious games. An empirical research is based on the pedagogical experiment, the results show that the use of gamification in foreign language teaching makes it possible to improve the language competencies of the students. Meanwhile, it is noted that the implementation of gamification in the educational process requires a complex approach: this requires understanding of the students’ player types, developing of game application, controlling of gamification implementation into the traditional forms of teaching at all the stages.
gamification, digitalization, foreign language teaching, education.