ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1839-1848, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1839
Multicultural Approach in Musical Education through the Online Course Based on MOODLE
expand article infoNelya K. Nurgayanova, Svetlana V. Karkina
Open Access
Ethnic cultural traditions take an important role in the process of a well-rounded and spiritually developed personality. Diverse types of folklore creativity, customs, rituals determine the moral and aesthetic potential of each ethnic group, being an integral component of national as well as universal culture. Therefore, it is particularly important to use a multicultural approach for education that allows person to learn the culture of their people, and successfully interact with other ethnic cultures.Multicultural approach in education is a trend of preparation for the social, political and economic conditions that persons experience in complex human environment.The purpose of the research is to substantiate the pedagogical capacity of a multicultural approach in a process of teacher-musician education by means of an online course.In the course of the research, the principles of a multicultural approach in the education of a teacher-musician were studied:- Deep learning of own culture through others;- Comparing of different musical cultures for getting new knowledge.It also revealed the pedagogical potential of a multicultural approach in the process of the teacher-musicians` education by means of the online course" Volga region peoples` music ", which develops a set of knowledge, performing skills in the field of vocal folklore traditions, is aimed at educating the moral and spiritual qualities of a person by comparing different cultures and exchanging experience between them.
multicultural approach, teacher-musician, ethnoculture, online course, digital technologies.