ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1779-1788, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1779
Individual Development Trajectory as a Means for Personal Self-Determination Support of Future Teachers
expand article infoElena V. Neumoeva-Kolchedanceva
Open Access
Personal self-determination is an inter- and intrapsychic process of an active nature, carried out through the “trying” activity of the personality. There is a need for a pedagogical mechanism that mediates the personal self-determination of the future teacher in the process of activity. As such a mechanism, we consider pedagogical support, as the main means of support, we propose to consider the individual trajectory of personality development. The research problem lies in the poor representation of the category “individual development trajectory” in psychological and pedagogical science, the undeveloped procedure for constructing the individual trajectory of the personality development of the future teacher in the educational process. The purpose of the study is to justify the construct “personal development trajectory” of future teachers; to review support procedures for personal self-determination of future teachers using individual trajectory of development of the student. Research methods are an analysis of author’s approaches to the interpretation of the terms “individual educational trajectory”, “individual educational route”, “individual development trajectory”; substantiation of the need to introduce the construct “individual development path” in the context of the personal orientation of education; designing the procedure for supporting the personal self-determination of a future teacher using an individual development path in the logic of a system-activity approach and a general theory of activity. The conducted research allows us to draw a conclusion about the need for further conceptualization of ideas about the individual trajectory of development. The research results can be used for further objectification and operationalization of personal self-determination of future teachers. The perspective of our research will be the questions of further detailing the procedure for supporting the personal self-determination of future teachers using an individual development trajectory as an integrative means of support.
educational process, personal self-determination, activity, pedagogical support, individual trajectory of development, procedure for pedagogical support of personal self-determination of future teachers