ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1767-1777, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1767
The Use of Digital Laboratory Work in Quantum Physics in the Process of Learning Physics Teachers
expand article infoGuzel I. Garnaeva, Elvera D. Shigapova, Elmira I. Nizamova
Open Access
In the process of studying physics to solve the tasks of forming the foundations of a scientific worldview, the development of intellectual abilities and cognitive interests of students, the main attention should be paid not to transferring the amount of ready knowledge, but to acquaintance with the methods of scientific knowledge of the surrounding world, the formulation of problems that require students to independently work to resolve them. The relevance of the study of this problem is due to the fact that one of the difficult sections for training physics is the section "Quantum Physics". To achieve the best learning outcomes in this section, it is advisable to supplement the existing physical laboratory workshop with virtual interactive computer laboratory works that simulate those physical processes whose study is difficult or impossible with existing laboratory equipment, which allows a better understanding of the essence of such processes. The purpose of the work is to develop and test a digital laboratory workshop “Quantum Physics”, which allows to increase the level of understanding of the essence of physical processes considered in quantum physics and gives a chance to the development of professional competencies of a future physics teacher. To achieve this goal, the authors used the following research methods: theoretical analysis of the state of the problem based on the study of methodological, didactic, psychological and specialized literature, dissertation research on this problem; materials of conferences on the use of digital technologies in physical education, regulatory documents that determine the structure and content of professional training of a physics teacher, the study and generalization of pedagogical experience; computer modeling of physical processes, observation, conversation, questioning, interviewing, conducting a pedagogical experiment. The digital laboratory workshop “Quantum Physics” direct to create a connection between the mathematical formalism of quantum physics and its specific practical manifestations. The focus of the digital laboratory workshop “Quantum Physics” is on the physical side of the issues addressed. The results of the testing, observation and conversation during the submission of the report on the implementation of laboratory work showed that the introduction of the digital laboratory workshop "Quantum Physics" in the educational process allows you to increase the level of understanding of the essence of the physical processes considered in quantum physics.
digital laboratory workshop, quantum physics, independent work, Research activities, computer experiment, virtual experiment, digital experiment, physics training, physics teacher, physical processes