ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1647-1655, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1647
Pedagogical Internship as a Tool of Teacher Professional Formation
expand article infoSvetlana A. Miniurova, Natalia S. Belousova
Open Access
The paper describes the "Pedagogical internship" project concept, presents the main directions of the project implementation. School-University partnership is considered as one of the conditions for quality education of future teachers. Various approaches to the pedagogical internship organization are discussed in the study: "sequential" model of teacher training for postgraduate education and "parallel" while studying at University. Teacher training cannot be carried out as part of traditional reproductive education. The study presents the pedagogical internship program, the structural unit of which is a comprehensive module developed in conjunction with employers aimed at creating an up-to-date set of professional competencies that meet the teacher’s professional standard and industry-specific education requirements.The purpose of this study is to identify the effectiveness of the developed internship program for the professional competencies formation of future teaches.Two main research methods are used in the study: comparison expert assessments and self-assessments of study participants and statistical processing of the research results. The expert group included 15 teachers of internship schools-bases (Yekaterinburg), 25 students of Ural State Pedagogical University. As a result of the study, both the experts and the students recorded the maximum dynamics in the general professional competencies development: the ability to carry out training, education and development taking into account social, age, psychophysical and individual characteristics, including the students’ special educational needs and knowledge of the professional ethics and speech culture basics.
pedagogical internship, professional skills, teacher professional formation, professional competence, teaching skills, School-University partnership