ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1599-1611, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1599
Transformation of the Student's Socially Oriented Personality in the Conditions of Education Digitalization
expand article infoValeria Sh. Maslennikova, Irina N. Ainoutdinova, Yuliya O. Tigina, Yuriy M. Tregubov
Open Access
Global changes are taking place in society, leading to new socio-economic benchmarks. The process of socio-cultural, political and economic modernization of the country is connected with the transition to an innovative path of development in the conditions of digitalization.Accordingly, the importance of education is increasing at an accelerating rate, as it is the most important resource for the development of society, it occupies a special place in public life, determines the importance in social, economic, and scientific progress as a whole, contributes to the realization of the intellectual opportunities of any person. In the process of rapid changes in all spheres of life, special attention should be paid to the renewal of the content and quality of professional education on the basis of its innovative development.In this regard, the article is aimed at identifying the importance of a special role, the setting new tasks before the professional education system - the formation of a socially oriented personality with high quality of thinking, creative abilities on the basis of a gradual reorganization of the professional education process.Hence innovative professional education is a paradigm shift, a new pedagogy, and new educational innovative technologies focused on the development of creativity of specific subjects of educational interaction. At the same time, most pedagogical experts are convinced that if the “social order” of the State and society is aimed at the formation of a socially oriented personality, on development of the thinking, creative generation able to create and invent, it must be kept in mind, that when using only information, digital technologies as the basis of innovative development of education, “Social order” will not be executed, because in conditions of digitalization of education, a constant realization of only electronic means in the process of training contributes to the transformation of “socially oriented personality” into “network" one.
innovative professional education, digitalization of education, social orientation of a person, "network personality”, cognitive organization of the person