ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1589-1597, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1589
Modern Problems of Defectology: The Basis of special Education and Upbringing of People with Special Needs
expand article infoDzhafar M. Mallaev, Rumik Sh. Magamdarow, Svetlana K. Amirowa
Open Access
Especially relevant today are new approaches to the use of reserves of their stored analyzers for compensatory restructuring of the body to replenish lost or impaired functions, and their further socialization, adaptation, labor rehabilitation and integration into a new society with other realities and guidelines necessary not for living, but for life. Scientific ideas about modern problems of defectology are still relevant for scientists and practitioners in working with abnormal children and require a new revival and understanding at present time in working with children having disabilities (Amirova, 2020). Based on this, the purpose of the research is the implementation of a scientific and theoretical analysis of the role of defectology as the basis of modern special and inclusive education. Within the last years of the twentieth century, the fundamental scientific and practical discipline " Defectology " was replaced with new concepts " correctional pedagogy and psychology", this was justified by" humanity " to special people, and we understand that correction is an important process for children with disabilities, but it is both in all pedagogy and psychology. Research methods: theoretical research methods, systematic historical and philosophical analysis of the defectology subject based on the research of Vygotsky and his students and followers, analysis of special pedagogical and psychological literature, reflexive and systematic analysis of special and inclusive education organization. The results of the research can be considered as a basis for the development of the Federal State Educational Standard and new approaches to the implementation of modern trends in the development of special and inclusive education.The theoretical analysis made it possible to draw the following conclusions: 1. In the last decades of the XX century, defectology has almost lost its significance as a basis for special education. 2 Defectological science requires a new consideration of its methodological foundations for special education and upbringing of individuals with HIA. 3. Modern society puts forward new requirements for the development of defectology taking into account the new realities of special and inclusive education. 4. It is necessary to develop modern foundations of new defectology as the Foundation of special education for people with disabilities.
psychotechnics, compensation, abnormal children, special and inclusive education, correctional work, blind and visually impaired