ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1305-1314, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1305
Psychological Determinants of Digital Pedagogical Competence of a Defectologist
expand article infoInna V. Krotova
Open Access
A modern man lives and development takes place within the received information incentives that build character and behavior through responses to these incentives. And information contacts are the main way of interaction between people. It is a simplified form of communication, which exclude deep meaning and content from persons’ communication. Any information contact – it's just "here and now", and communication is all over the place available to people who have successfully adapted to the conditions of the information and economic society and managed to maintain the integrity of the “self”. The essence of the continuity of this approach is the recognition of the primacy of the internal environment of a person, which is understood as his psychological content, over the external environment, which is understood as the social reality of modern society. . The author's attitude to the described problem is offered. Using the theoretical and methodological framework of Russian psychology, the author points to the need to pay attention to the following psychological aspects: firstly, as a direction indicator of the level of innovation in professional activities, secondly, as to the causes of internal mechanisms of this movement, thirdly, as a guarantee of innovation performance in professional activities (Balymova, 2008; Klimov, 2007; Ushakov, 2006). The results of this investigation are to assess the real possibilities and prospects of development of the society in the context of its constant requests for innovation. It is noted that at the present moment professional characteristics, different interpretations of digital behavior and the importance of internal human resources in all sectors of society are well-known, but there is still no any logical linkage between these components, the components that determine the efficiency in the aggregate required changes to social progress.
digital pedagogical competence, digital behavior, psychological determinants, defectologist.