ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1241-1252, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1241
Soviet Boarding School: Throw away And Forget Or Take the Best
expand article infoElena Kozhemyakina, Nikolay Senchenkov
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The actuality of the problem raised in the article is due to the fact that at present social support for orphans is one of the key tasks of the country. The issue of preparing children from boarding schools for life in a rapidly changing society is quite urgent. In the current century, in the course of the pedagogical process in special boarding schools, orphans and children left without parental care develop their personality and prepare them for further independent life. In carrying out this training, the pedagogical teams actively return to the heritage of outstanding teachers of the past. Proceeding from this, the demand for creative, substantial and methodical potential of the soviet upbringing; the analysis of theoretical developments and applied methods of the socialization process of the child are of great importance.The aim of the study is to present in a holistic form, based on the materials of residential institutions for orphans in the late XX - early XXI century in the context of the ideas of Kondratenkov (1921-1992), the practical implementation of the process of preparing orphans and children left without parental care to independent life in society.The leading method in the study of this problem was the historical and pedagogical method, which allowed to identify the key ideas of one of the founders of the boarding school pedagogy Kondratenkov.In the article the authors revealed the main ideas of Kondratenkov, used by teaching staff in boarding schools in the late XX - early XXI century by the organization of educational work with orphans. The authors also revealed the main methods, forms and means of education of orphans in boarding schools in the late XX - early XXI century.The materials presented in the article can be used in the development of teaching-methodical complexes, reading of lectures and special courses on pedagogy, history of pedagogy, writing of theses for course works and diploma works on the above topics.
boarding schools, educational work, orphans, Kondratenkov, labour, family education.