ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1203-1211, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1203
Pedagogical Possibilities of Distance Learning in the Educa-tional Process of the School
expand article infoAndrey Korolev
Open Access
Modern education is increasingly frequently turning to the possibilities of distance ways of transferring knowledge. The reasons for this are sufficient, as distance education has a number of advantages that are not offered in the traditional form of education. In particular, it refers to the lack of direct contact between the object and subject of education, which is particularly important for practicing remote interaction with children who are gifted and have special educational needs or for children associated with learning objects with health limitations. In this connection, this article is aimed at disclosing distance learning issues in the educational process of the school. The leading method in the problem study was the method of deconstruction, which helped to define various interpretations of the concept of distance education in Russian and foreign sources. The article reveals the problems, forms and types of distance education, as well as models of distance education used in the educational process of the school. The issue of pedagogical possibilities of distance education, reflected in the law “On Education in the Russian Federation” (2012), is studied and disclosed in the research. The materials presented in the article allow using them for preparing school teachers to distance learning, which determines its practical importance.
distance learning, school educational process, educational activities, distance learning model, pedagogical opportunities of distance learning, e-learning.