ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1161-1178, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1161
System-Forming Dominant of Professional Qualities Formation of a Teacher on the Basis of Contextual-Network Technology
expand article infoEmiliya Komarova, Natalia Viyunova, Svetlana Gural, Alexander Fetisov
Open Access
Due to the rapid globalization of the modern educational space, pedagogical education in Russia characterized by the process of large-scale modernization, which has led to growing problem of educator training as a multicultural personality capable of network collaboration with educators of both domestic and foreign countries. Orientation on the educator training capable of expressing responsibility and self-independence in the decision making, creativity and initiative is becoming the primary trend in the State policy in the context of educational sphere, that is viewed as the factor of development not only of the personality of a student, but also of an educator. The goal of the paper is to argue a theoretical foundation of the professional qualities of an educator in the context of contextual-network technology, the basis of which are the ideas of contextual education, androgogy, ideas of network learning. These trends are more focused on the problems of the professional qualities formation of an educator in the context of a health-saving educational environment in which the personalities of education interact to obtain a holistic picture of the world. However, the practical experience of professional qualities formation showed insufficient development of this problem in accordance with the requirements of the FSES HE and the introduction of digital technologies in the learning process, which is confirmed by regulatory documents, in particular the Russian Government's Resolution on the Approval of the State Program of the Russian Federation "Education Development (from 26.2017 No.1642)."All abovementioned trends have updated the need to develop the problem of professional qualities formation of an educator.Research methods of research are: theoretical (analysis of philosophical, psychological and educational literature, theoretical modeling of structural and meaningful basis of the study process; empirical (questionnaire, business games, projects); diagnostic (analysis of activity products, summative phase, pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical statistics).The concept of "professional qualities of an educator is revealed" and the system of professional qualities of an educator is argued, and its effectiveness is proved.Contextual and network technology is developed and the author’s program «Professional Qualities Formation of an Educator in the Context of Health-Saving Educational Environment" contributed to the health saving and the natural potential of an educator and motivated an educator to achieve the results and pedagogical comfort.
system-forming dominant, professional qualities formation of an educator, digital resources, program, health-saving educational environment.