ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1109-1129, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1109
The Development Specifics of the Professional Training of Students
expand article infoNatalya Koletvinova, Seimbika U. Bichurina, Indira Salpykova
Open Access
The relevance of this study is due to significant changes in the field of modern education. In new aspects, the concepts of “equality” and “social justice” appeared on the background of the educational space. Modern society needs to build a qualitatively new system of training of a teacher, capable to solve fundamentally new tasks that meet the needs of the time. The psychological and pedagogical conditions of vocational training are based on a system of pedagogical actions that activate the creative, individual and personal abilities of students, ensuring the social and moral formation of the future generation. These actions are aimed at creating a cultural and educational space that forms the students' personal readiness to master a profession in the changing world of educational realities.The purpose of research is to work out a paradigm for the development of competence of pedagogical support of students in the course of multifunctional activity with its subsequent testing.Methods: theoretical (theoretical analysis of pedagogical, psychological, scientific methodological literature on the research topic), empirical (analysis, comparison, generalization, content choice, observation, questionnaire), pedagogical experiment (stating, forming and control stages of the experiment), method of expert assessments, statistical processing of quantitative research results.Results: students of different levels of intellectual, knowledge and professionally oriented development were studied in the first-year academic groups. As a result of the experiment (academic year 2019-2020), we worked out a paradigm for the development of the competence of pedagogical support in the process of a multifunctional activity of a teacher in the interests of equality and social justice. The following methods were used: a thoughtful attitude to all types of activity, individualization, personal orientation, personification.Practical relevance: a paradigm for the development of competence of pedagogical support was developed. It aims to educate future teachers with a careful and thoughtful attitude to all components of scientific and pedagogical educational resources, with capability to creatively find new aspects of situational conditioning and expediency in them, to independently use them in multifunctional pedagogical activities in the interests of equality and social justice with optimal results.
paradigm, content, process, resources, communicative tolerance, individual, personal, interpersonal, equality, social justice.