ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1067-1079, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1067
Digitalization of Russian University Educational Space
expand article infoRamil Khayrutdinov, A. V. Fakhrutdinova, Flera Mukhametzianova, Irina Terenteva
Open Access
At present, education is not only a source of educational services but also the most important socio-economic institution, by means of which knowledge is transferred and a new level of civilization is formed. Each teacher at a modern university is faced with the phenomenon of digital technologies, which in turn are poorly subjected to external control. At the same time, search for indicators of educational institutions efficiency increase.The problem is viewed in the context of understanding of the digital economy in terms of global leadership. This defined the purpose of the study, which is to find factors that influence the formation of the personality of a modern teacher – a teacher of history – in the process of professional training. This study is based on analytically-synthetic and institutional theoretical approaches and comparative-generalizing theoretical method, as well as on following empirical methods: questionnaire analysis, included observation, interviews, focus groups study. Students of the History Faculty control and the experimental groups 59&58 were involved. The study also involved 35 teachers (aged 29 to 68) in 2018-2019 academic year.As a result of the research, we found a number of risks that influence the formation of the personality of a modern teacher – a teacher of history. Digitalization of the university's educational space in the preparation of a future teacher leads to the disappearance of live communication and the transfer of implicit knowledge, changing the abilities for empathy, experience and complicity and, forming neurosis, depression, mistrust of others and balanced combination of collective and social-communicative forms of interaction with the active involvement of digital technologies is important.
student, digitalization, university, educational space, future teacher, digital technologies.