ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1055-1065, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1055
Web Quest Technologies for Learning English at University: Opportunities and Prospects
expand article infoOksana V. Khasanova, Anna Karimova, Anastasiya Mubarakshina
Open Access
The emergence of new means of communication has led to the renewal of foreign language teaching technologies. First of all, it has made interactive project technologies popular, including web quest. By web quest, we understand the scenario of students’ project activity on the topic under study using Internet resources, which involves group work of students. The purpose of this work is to analyze the effectiveness of using this technology in English lessons at the Kazan Federal University. The method of research was a pedagogical experiment, as a result of which the authors identified the percentage of efficiency of mastering the material in English grammar through web quest technology in the experimental group and compared it with the indicators of the control group, where the experiment was not conducted. It was found that, on average, students learned the lesson materials 27% more effectively than the students in the control group. In general, it is worth noting that the quest technology develops self-education skills by solving practical problems or problems that require the integration of knowledge from different subject areas. At the final stage, recommendations were formulated for organizing classes in English in the form of a web quest within the higher school. The possibility of using this technology in the study of other foreign languages was predicted.
ELT, English, communication, modern technology, web quest.